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I try to exercise at least four times a week for an hour a day.

I don’t have a very good attention span though so I can’t stick with the same thing for very long.  I managed T25 for a month.  P90x lean for about a month.  Other then that I tend to lean towards elliptical because I can watch TV and that is more likely to keep my attention.

I did elliptical last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but on Thursday I tryed to put in P90X kempo and failed so bad. I made it about thirty minutes and had to tap out!

Then Friday, to make up for it, I did super hard elliptical before heading to Adult Ballet for Beginners. I donno if it was because of doing so much I wasn’t used to or if it was mainly the ballet but my legs have hurt so bad for the past two days!  Its mainly the top front of my legs and bottom back.  Going up and down stairs absolutely sucks!

Don’t get me wrong, it was super fun, but this taking two days for recovery is making me feel old and out o shape!


Swapbot: 20 Facts About Me

This is for the 

20 facts about me

Swap on Swapbot!  My partners are calliedeanerconnzchan, and tinadp ! I really wanted to incorporate some pictures for you guys to make it a bit more fun and thought Tumblr would be the best way to do this so you wouldn’t have to worry about downloading anything.  :D

1) My name is Julie and my fiancee is Micah. I am 33 and when I was younger I looked up my birthday in a book and found out the most famous person born on the same day was Adolf Hitler :T

2) I have lived in Kansas for the past four years but am originally from Hicksville, Long Island where I spent the first 29 years of my life!   House on the left is where I grew up, the one on the right is where I live now.  Nice upgrade in life :D

3) I don’t have children nor do I want any. Instead my fiancee and I have two cats. Kir is my fiancees tabby who has a bitchy whiny meow and is kinda moody. Nids is my little black man whom I like to dress up sometimes.  I have WAY to many photos of him :3

4) I work retail management in a gift store. It makes me doubt the ability of humans. Women and Men view gifts, occasions, and ideas so differently that I often find myself explaining to them what they should buy instead of asking what they want. Pintrest is my worst enemy!

5) I do not like admitting people are my friends. I would rather assume they were all acquaintances. It’s just a personal preference.

6) My favorite color is teal! I just painted my room downstairs two shades of teal with one accented purple gradient stripped wall! SUPER GIRLY ROOM!

7) I drive a grey VW Bug that I secretly pretend can fly. I tend to talk to it when the weather is bad as well as petting the steering wheel if I feel bad that I haven’t gotten enough gas and it beeps at me that its hungry.

8) I like to plan what to do if gravity reversed and the cealing became the floor. Basically everyone outside would fall into space. Cars, trains, busses, the ocean, all of it would fall into space! I haven’t thought to deeply into this but I assume buildings would be fine because the foundation is rooted into the earth. We definatly couldnt go outside so the survivors would have to travel via sewers.

9) My favorite RPG is Valkyrie Profile which was originally on Playstation! Because I was so impressed by the game when I made up a new screen name a few years ago I used it! The main character goes around and collects the souls of people and you get to watch their little sprite based story lines and pounce when they die to get them in your party!

10) I am secretly a closet emo, sad things fascinate me. Thus the game above being my favorite.  Movies that end unresolved or sad are beautifully tradgic.

11) Besides Nids I have two pet fiddler crabs, Bee and Finn! Finn has a huge claw and does a sexy dance and Bee is just not impressed. Bee is named after the main character from Bee and Puppycat a two part show on youtube that is being made into a series and Finn is named after the main character in Adventure Time because he lost his arm for a while and I thought it was a good fit.

12) Secretly, some mornings, I stop at a cafe to get coffee just so I have an excuse to buy a pastry and chocolate even though I’m not supposed to because its fatty.  I would be a crappy super hero because Radina’s Bakehouse is my downfall! “Oh no, it’s Super Julie, quick, throw an Almond Croissant at her!”

13) I never took my Christmas tree down from last year because it makes me feel like I live in the forrest and it was a spontaneous gift from Micah last year when we moved into a house.  All the bulbs finally blew out from having it on nonstop from December2013 till August 2014 :T

14) I’m Dyslexic which makes spelling kind of annoying. It’s worse the faster I try to type. Example: I once was typing on aim and wanted to say ZOO but spelt it ZUE. I stared at it super sadly trying to figure out why my brain thought this was okay.

15) I am an introvert, meaning I don’t dislike people I just prefer to be without them sometimes and charge my battery by sitting in a room/house/place alone or with Nids.

16) I was the one that proposed to my boyfriend and now we are engaged and getting married next October so I can use that month as an excuse to wear costumes! I want to wear a Final Fantasy X-2 White Mage outfit for my wedding!  I put a paper in a treasure chest and put that in a Doctor Who blind box and put THAT into a Loot Crate.  It was pretty epic.

17) I love to listen to horror movies. I blame the fact that I worked for game stop for five years and opening took an hour. Since we had used DVD’s I would put one into the TV while doing my routine and most of the movies we had were horrors.  The first time this happened I think I had Saw which is super confusing if your listening and not watching it.

18) I purposely do not match my earings or my socks. Why bother, I can create cuter combos this way!

19) Instagram is the most used app on my phone!  I doodle a lot and its the easiest way for me to shove pictures somewhere!

20) I love Manga, RPG video games and Anime pretty much in that order. I’m a sucker for shoujo style mangas. Currently working my way through Tales of Xillia on PS3. Anime’s I dabble in from time to time randomly.

Thanks for reading!

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